ABOUT GarlicVille's Best

Welcome to GarlicVille's Best. An award winning salsa company. 

GarlicVille's Best has taken years to perfect and was born out of a love of growing chilies and tomatoes in Dino Garcia's home garden. Over time, a small garden grew in to a fascination for cooking and experimenting with his garden bounties into salsa's. As he began to perfect his salsa's and sauces, he began to share with family & friends. Soon, the favorites became apparent and are now the four sauces that we are sharing with you all.

Our "Red Label" was born out of love for garlic lovers and true heat seekers. Make no mistake, this is hot!

Our "Yellow Label" is made for the Culinary Adventurer, it is a flavorful, garlicky salsa with a very good bite. A family favorite!


Our "White Label" is our mildest in heat. Complete with all of our signature flavor and very little bite. 

The "E" Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to any dish imaginable. It is has a very unique flavor of garlic, tang, herbs and spices, soooo goooood!

If your are a true garlic lover or a Culinary Enthusiast and would like to try something unique created by a native son of Gilroy California, the Garlic Capital of the World, then give us a try.

Dino G.      

2018 1st place winner salsa competition at tomato festival